Beyond the Brand

A Visual Collection x Studio 204

Beyond the Brand: Volume one, two and three are a trilogy of visual, informative and advertorial exhibition books that I have created to accompany my Final Major Project. They are based on unravelling the narrative of the new Studio 204 brand, the magazine twnty and all of the additional marketing material which has been created to help broaden the brand awareness.

These books will lead you through the entire procedure of what steps have been taken to successfully execute the launch of a new brand, its marketing and its media presence. The three volumes focus on the break down and the documentation of both how and why certain decision were made, with topics on social media, demographics and future forecasting statistics. As a collaction, Beyond the Brand aims to inform, inspire and offer innovative insight. 

Volume 1. The Making of Studio 204

Volume 2. Zero to Twnty

Volume 3. Behind the MagaZINE

The Making of Studio 204

Volume One : The Making of Studio 204.

This volume of the triology focuses on outlining the entire basis of the concept and the visionary ideas which I have proposed to create for the new re-branding of the Fashion Marketing and Communication course. This volume underpins each aspect of the Studio 204 branding strategy, with a business focus on the topics of social media channels and generational demographics.

Studio 204 making of

Zero to Twnty

Volume Two : Zero to Twnty. 

Zero to Twnty is the journey book that I have created, which visually tells the entire process that I have taken from start to finish in creating the promotional zine, twnty. It is a contextualisation document which explains the how and why behind this specific section of my Final Major Project. 

This book is intended to take the reader on a 360 journey, unravelling sections of the narrative every step of the way. The journey starts at Brand Alicia, where I discovered my interests and skills within the industry and it concludes with the innovative vision of the magazine, twnty.

Zero to Twnty

Behind the Magazine

Volume Three : Behind the magaZINE.

This particular volume of Beyond the Brand focuses on capturing the behind the scenes content from all of the work and the interviews which were used to finalise twnty. The intention of this book is to represent a visual photo diary to not onlyshow how the magazine was bought together, but to also offer an insight into each individual’s final major project work and how their pieces were created.

Behind the magazine