Brand Alicia

Self-branding x Alicia Jones

For one of my final third year modules, I have had the opportunity to engage in the direction and the development of a fashion concept. This was a very personal module as it was predominately based around branding myself. The initial section was made up of extensive self-research, which gave me the chance to really discover who I am as a person and a professional, to help guide myself in a chosen career direction.

Following this research, I then had to put together a 360 campaign which was made up of all of the appropriate marketing, branding and promotional materials. This 360 campaign embodies everything which will be taken forward for my final major project. It is a refined, strategic planning approach for what I am going to create, which tells a whole narrative on who I am, what my skills are and my desired career path.

Brand Alicia – A Visual Narrative

Brand Alicia

Brand Alicia was one of the most pivotal points for me during my entire three years at The University of Chester. It was during this module where I was able to really understand my aesthetic and determine the best direction for me to take after Graduating and when progressing into a future career within the competitive Fashion industry.

This visual brand book of Brand Alicia documents my entire journey through this process, going into great detail about what I learnt about myself and my individual way of working.

It also includes my 360 campaign, which outlines my proposal for my Final Major Project, and what I want to do based on what I have learnt from my self0research during Brand Alicia.

Brand Alicia