Digital Escape Room

Fashion x Gamification

As a part of Brand Alicia, I was given the opportunity to collaborate with the Gaming students at West Cheshire College, to create a gaming experience which was solely based around my unique personal branding.

Gamification in fashion presents an enormous opportunity to communicate with and deeply engage consumers. This is why, in recent times, a number of major fashion brands have started to enter into the gaming market. Gaming culture is more recognisable than ever before, with development into areas such as digital avatars and digital clothing. Many brands have now started to apply gamification aspects to their marketing and communication strategies, as the distinctions between virtual and reality become ever more fluid.

Fashion and Gaming are similarly both about escapism, fantasy and using different mixed medias to express particular characteristics about yourself, which is why it is unsurprising that this is a collaboration that appears to have generated extremely positive results. Merging the two of them together is an exciting form of story-telling, an innovate way of communicating with a new consumer for the future and it also shows a forward-thinking approach to fashion marketing. 

Gamification collaboration – A Digital Escape Room

Digital Escape Room

My personal branding was built off of the raw emotions of feeling vulnerable and being trapped in a situation which you feel the need to escape from, in order to gain control of your surroundings again. Thinking about how I could relate this brand narrative into an exciting form of gaming was how I curated the concept of a Digital Escape Room.

The game has been created to be an interface for my portfolio, where viewers have the choice to participate or not. There is a 30 second timer and the player will be required to succesfully complete the challenges with the clues given. The aim of the game, is to escape before the room fades to black. 

This unique Digital Escape Room embodies everything which Brand Alicia encompasses and it is an innovate way for me to communicate the narrative behind my brand through a futuristic virtual space.

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