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Journalism x Artificial intelligence

For one of my final University modules in third year, I was to research into possibilities for the future of a specific discipline within the fashion industry. The chosen subject was to be linked to the career path which I am most interested in, as a way of giving me the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about how it could potentially change in the future. My chosen subject was journalism; digital journalism and broadcast journalism in-particular. I was required to complete comprehensive research on journalism, starting right from the beginning to where it is now, and to discover predictions for how it is going to change in the future.

My research told me that Artificial Intelligence is going to be the next big technology to have an effect on this industry, so I moved forward with this to find out how it will effect it and what the future of journalism will be with it in place.

Fashion Futures – The future of fashion journalism in a digital era 

Fashion Futures – The future of fashion journalism

I displayed my findings for this module within a visual written report. Within this report, I discuss Journalism in context to showcase how it has progressed and changed from its inception to current times, how and why Artificial Intelligence is going to have an impact in the realms of Journalism; particularly in Digital Journalism and I also talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence in Journalism, based on what I learnt throughout the process.

In addition to this, there is an interview which I held with Joshua Weale, a Journalism Graduate from Liverpool John Moores, and now Digital Marketing Manager for Global brand, Lyreco. As a professional working in the industry, Joshua shares his insight and explains to me his thoughts on the use of Artificial Intelligence in the future, within Digital Journalism and Digital Marketing disciplines.

Fashion Futures