Project Comms

Event Management x Studio 204

The Contemporary Fashion Business module that I undertook in third year gave me the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the Business-side of fashion and has broadened my knowledge on what skills are needed to progress into a career within this area of the industry.

For this module, we were required to work in teams and demonstrate different entrepreneurial skills, which were in line with event planning and organsiation. Together, the Fashion Marketing and Communication Graduating class of 2020 had to arrange, promote, design and successfully execute our end of year, launch night exhibition to industry, press and peers.

I was a part of the Project Management team: Project Comms, and between the six of us we had to negotiate and delegate different job roles and responsibilities to successfully manage the logistics of the launch night exhibition.

Book 1. Business Plan

Book 2. Reflection Report

Book 3. Presentation

Book 4. Supporting Documents

Book 5. Agency Website

Personal Business Plan

It was decided that my responsibility amongst the Project Management team would be to find and secure the venue in which the launch night exhibition was going to be hosted. This was decided because I was able to put forward a number of transferable skills, which were essential for the success of finding a suitable venue for the event. 

In this first written report, I talk about my personal business plan, going into detail about my job role, my skills, how I am carrying out my reponsibilites and why this role aids towards my future career progression.  

Project Comms the venue

Reflection Report

Once all of my responsibilites were complete and I had successfully fulfilled my role within the team of finding and securing a venue for the launch night, I was required to write a reflection report. 

I produced this as a branded visual journal, where I have reflected on the entire process of being a part of Project-Comms; The Project Management team for Comptemporary Fashion Business.

Within this reflection, I discuss the details of my job role and everything that I had to carry out, the skills that I have advanced upon during the process and how these are beneficial for me and my desired career aspirations. I also reflect on working as a team and how we have problem solved together during challenging times. 



A part of the requirement for this module was that the whole Project Management team were to do a group presentation to a panel of industry professionals, where we spoke individually about our part within the process of planning the launch night exhibition. 

Although we are not in a position to do the presentation in person as originally intended due to unprecedented times, I still created a presentation document, just in a book format instead. Within this book are my branded presentation slides along with a script with what I would have spoke about if the presentation was able to have gone ahead as planned.

Studio 204 making of

Supporting Documents

Over the course of this module, I have been printing out all of my documents and keeping them together in a folder, as a way of showing my working process throughout completing my job role. 

As I was unable to hand the physical folder in, I decided to curate a research book, so I was still able to offer the same back-up work, just in a different format. This book includes lists of venues that I contacted, captures of emails between myself and the venue workers, images from the venue viewings that I attended and evidence of communication between the Project-Comms team. 

This is my supporting documentation evidence of all of the work that I have undertaken during this module and as part of the project Management team.

Studio 204 making of

Agency Website

As a professional Project Management agency, it was important to the Project-Comms team that we created a strong brand presence. It was fundamental that we had a space to market ourselves in and showcase what we have been planning and producing over the recent weeks, on the countdown towards the Studio 204 Launch Night Exhibition. To offer the agency an increased brand awareness, it was collectively decided that we would create a Project-Comms website, which would not only advertise the agency online but would also be a place for each team member to share their work as well. In addition to sharing individual work, the website is a place where we can bring all of our work together and showcase what we have produced as a collective agency too.

The reasoning behind the Project-Comms website was that as an agency, we believed it to be imperative to have a professional platform which we are able to share nation-wide. We understand that having a digital presence is considered as being essential to any brand or agency nowadays, and we wanted to show that we understand the importance of that by adapting to it ourselves through the form of a branded website. Particularly within unprecedented times, having an online space has been extremely beneficial to Project-Comms; It has given us the platform that we need to share our work digitally when people are unable to see it physically.

Studio 204 making of