Trend Forecasting

Health & Beauty x A/W 2020

As part of the trend forecasting module in my second year at University, I was required to analyse previous trends and thoroughly dissect what I found in order to predict how they would move forward and progress into future trends.

I was given the specific area of Health and Beauty, for the high-street market level in particular, to create a future concept for. As well as researching previous trends, I also had to do intensive research on the Health and Beauty sector, to be able to ensure that my prediction were accurate moving forward.

A beauty-full world going to waste is about searching for innovative solutions in an overpackaged and wasteful world. Sustainability is a big movement within the industry right now, and this is a trend prediction which focuses on ways in which the Health and Beauty sector can lower its impact on the current declining climate.

A Beauty-full World Going to Waste – Written Report

A Beauty-full World Going To Waste – Visual Trend Package

A Beauty-full World Going to Waste – Written Report

For this module, I was required to produce a written report with evidence on my findings, to show where the ideas behind my final concept were rooted from. In this report, I go into in-depth detail behind how and why I came up with my trend of “A beauty-full world going to waste”, and highlight statistics to discuss why I believe these predictions will be a trend of the future.

To curate this written article, not only did I do intense research on Health and Beauty and analyse previous trends throughout history, but I also paid close attention to curent news headlines and recent world happenings, to see how some industry aspects required change. 

Trend Forecasting report

A Beauty-full World Going to Waste – Visual Trend Package

To go alongside my written report and the marketing strategy, I also produced a visual trend package for A beauty-full world going to waste. This trend package is used to tell the narrative of my trend prediction through the use of strong visuals.

The trend, A beauty-full world going to waste, consists of four micro-trends: Knowledge is power, Packaging; It is just a load of of garbage, Re-green your beauty routine and It should not cost the earth. Together, these aim to create a much more eco-friendly Health and Beauty industry.

 “We have a World which is full of beauty, so why are we letting it go to waste?”

A Beauty-full world going to waste