A Visual Zine x Studio 204

Twnty is a visual zine which celebrates the hard-work and determination from both past and present students from Studio 204, the Fashion Marketing and Communication course at The University of Chester.

The creation of the zine was inspired by my passion for Branding and Marketing and the understanding that this is the direction that I would like to take after Graduating from University. 

Twnty is to be used as a marketing tool for the future, to help promote the students, the graduates and the course itself. I feel really honoured that I was asked to be a part of something which is so close and personal to the brand of Fashion Marketing and Communication at The University of Chester, by creating a visual presence of how the course and the new Graduates will be represented in the market. Taking on this degree, it has been a tough and emotional three years, yet the most rewarding three years I have had, and I am thrilled to be leaving behind a part of my “legacy” through the work that I have produced. 

Twnty – The Zine

Twnty – The Website

twnty – The Zine

Welcome! It is a pleasure to introduce to you, the very first edition of TWNTY, a magazine launching in the Summer of 2020 to showcase the work produced by Studio 204, on the BA Hons Fashion Marketing and Communication programme at The University of Chester.

This edition focuses mainly on the Graduating Class of 2020, celebrating three years of consistent dedication, hard-work and persistence. Amongst these talented individuals are a variety of different specialisms, such as journalists, stylists, digital creators, creative directors and fashion marketers. Throughout the magazine, I have strongly captured this diversity, ready for the reader to be immersed into each individual graduates unique identity.

In addition to this, I have also included work and interviews from the Graduating Class of 2019, as well as industry professionals too. twnty is packed full of beautiful imagery, produced by Studio 204, and insightful conversations. I hope that you thoroughly enjoy this first edition!


twnty – The Website

In times where it is important to any brand to have a digital presence, I wanted to ensure that I was adopting this within my Final Major Project and giving twnty an online platform for me to be able to share Globally. 

On this website, each individual who is involved within the zine will have their own section where I will share their video interview and their pages out of the zine. Not only does this website promote myself and the work which I have created for my Final Major Project, but it is also a way for me to promote Studio 204 to a wider audience. 

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